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Writing Consultation - What's That?

All students of Fulda University of Applied Sciences can make an appointment with writing consultants from the Writing Lab to get feedback on their writing, learn about different kinds of writing and research strategies, or to talk about any other aspect of their writing. You're free to make repeated appointments, usually with the consultant who already knows your work.

Maybe you're unsure about how to start your first longer writing project. Perhaps you're wondering what role texts from other authors are supposed to play in your paper and how to cite them correctly. Or you'd like to know whether readers can follow your argument and whether your paper's structure is clear. Or you might be writing in German or English as a second language or need to know more about the different conventions of academic writing. Whatever your situation - we'll be happy to work with you. You'll be doing the writing, but we can support you by providing feedback, knowledge about research and writing strategies, encouragement and more.

By the way: It is safest to sign up early in your writing process. If you sign up a few days before your due date, all consultants may be busy and there may not be sufficient time anymore to work on bigger issues. With all term papers and thesis, you should therefore never sign up later than two weeks before your due date. You can sign up here.

Talking to Empower

Our goal is to help you become an even better and more expert writer. The Writing Lab consultants will therefore never write texts for you. You will set the agenda by telling us what the focus of the consultation is going to be: finding a topic, clarity, persuasiveness, style, literature search, language issues or how to best integrate sources into your own text, to name a few possible topics for a consultation session.

Please note that we will not proofread texts for you, nor will we attempt to change the content of your papers - even though consultations may lead to your changing things in your paper, of course. For more on our approach, see our Principles page.

Our Team

For the most part, our writing consultants are students who attended an intensive one-semester training. However, occasionally staff also offers writing consultations. To learn more about our current team, check out the Our Team page.

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Just fill in our online form. We usually get back to you within one or two working days. Please note: Sign up at least two weeks before your paper's or thesis's due date.

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Leitung der Schreibwerkstatt

Amata Schneider-Ludorff

Leiterin Schreibwerkstatt

Building 23 , Room 8
Amata Schneider-Ludorff+49 661 9640-4597
Consultation hours
Mo 14-18 Uhr, Di 11-15 Uhr, Mi 14-18 Uhr, Do 14-18 Uhr, Fr 14-18 Uhr. Die Arbeitszeiten können sich wegen Workshops, LV u. ä. auch temporär verschieben.