Writing Lab| Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's a writing consultation going to cost me?

Nothing at all! The Writing Lab offers writing consultations without charge. Different from private for-pay proofreading or editing services we focus on helping writers hone and develop their skills rather than doing work for them.

  • Can I see a consultant during term breaks?

Yes, you can. We're available throughout the year. However, we might be less well staffed during term breaks. That's why signing up early is advisable especially during breaks.

  • Can I come for more than one consultation meeting?

Once you've had a first meeting, you are free to set up further meetings with your consultant without making another appointment via the online sign-up form. If you've finished a project and would like to sign up for a further consultation later on, you're welcome to do so. The number of consultations per writer is limited only by the Writing Lab's and individual consultants' overall capacities.

  • Who are those writing consultants in the first place?

Most of the consultants are students of Fulda University of Applied Sciences who've successfully finished an intensive one-year training for peer writing consultants. Whenever there's a lot to do, the director of the Writing Lab may also do occasional consultations.


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