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Research Projects

The professors of our departments have always been committed to research and are involved in a wide range of activities in the field of practice transfer.

These activities are documented in detail on the professors' individual websites.

Additional research within the department is conducted in the context of larger research projects and institutionalised research frameworks.

A great number of research projects headed by the professors of our department are affiliated to the Centre for Intercultural and European Studies (CINTEUS).


The Peter Kühne Archive and the Archive Flucht und Migration (Flight and Migration) offer researchers a great variety of relevant materials and documents on the topics of flight, asylum and migration.

The academic collection UNESCO-Biosphärenreservat Rhön (Unesco biosphere reserve Rhön) offers, amongst other things, unrecorded documents on the sustainable regional development inbiosphere reserve Rhön.

Project MentoDivers

The project Mentodivers offers a diversified mentoring program to promote the potential and diverse students at Fulda University of Applied Sciences.