Project MentoDiverse

MentoDivers is a diversity-sensitive mentoring programme for the promotion of all students of Fulda University and their potential.

Mentees are admitted after successful application. Please send your application (letter of motivation & CV) to:

The project is funded by Fulda University of Applied Sciences.


Programme content:

MentoDivers offers one-to-one mentoring including networking meetings and workshops.

MentoDivers is aimed at:

  • Students from all departments of Fulda University of Applied Sciences
  • Graduates who are planning their next career steps

MentoDivers promotes students….

... who are the first to study in their family
... from the LGBTIQ * community
... with special needs
... who are parents
... with professional experience
... students on the 2nd or 3rd educational path
... with immigration history and immigration experience
... regardless of their nationality and skin color
... students studying male dominated subjects
... students studying female dominated subjects

MentoDivers supports students regardless of their...

... age
... sex
... skin color
... physical and mental capacities
... nationality
... social and (world) regional origin
... sexual orientation


Syeda Aisha Furrukh

Syeda Aisha Furrukh

Research associate

Building 23, Room 005
Syeda Aisha Furrukh +49 661 9640-4592
Consultation hours
For Mentees Wednesday 10.00-11.00 and 14.00-15.00 hrs For Mentors Thursday 12.00-13.00 hrs

Project Head

Prof. Dr.

Carola Bauschke-Urban

Vice Dean

Sociology with a specialisation in Gender and Diversity Studies

+49 661 9640-471 Building 22, Room118
Prof. Dr. Carola Bauschke-Urban +49 661 9640-471
Consultation hours
Summer semester 2017: Thu 10:30 -11:30