Law, Health and Liberal Professions studies the conditions and fundamentals for health professions in international comparative law. Subject of the research are:

  • the liberal health professions (such as doctors, dentists or pharmacists)
  • the so-called paramedical professions (such as physiotherapists or nursing professions)

The national legal bases for the access and exercise of those professions are increasingly influenced by European law. Traditional terminologies and concepts such as those of the so- called Liberal Profession are supplemented by other legal categories (e.g. regulated Professions) and assessed regarding their compatibility with the European internal market.

Against this background the project addresses the following questions:

  • Which presuppositions and consequences shape the categories of the liberal health professions and the regulated health professions?
  • What standard of review are the health and paramedical professions subject to on the European level?
  • What justifications for regulations apply for national and European law?
  • What importance is attached to the delivery of health services in the individual countries and in Europe?

Project Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anne Schäfer, M.A.

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Project supervisor

Anne Schäfer, M.A.

Prof. Dr.

Anne Schäfer, M.A.

Social Law and Health Legislation, Constitutional Law, European Law of the Professions

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Winter semester 2017/2018: Mon 19-20 hrs (from 28 Oct. 2017)