Our Partners

Birzeit University near Ramallah, Palestine

Birzeit University was founded in 1972 and is known as Palestine’s leading academic institution. The university offers 114 academic programs (76 bachelor programs, 34 master programs, 1 PhD, 2 diploma programs, 1 program for foreign students), in 9 faculties. The university has more than 15.000 students, 436 full-time faculty members.

Birzeit University has always been keen about improving its academic programs in an effort to meet community needs, and to keep pace with global developments. This has pushed the university to develop and introduce a doctoral program in social sciences, the first of its kind in Palestine and neighboring countries, merge fields of knowledge, and offer other specialised bachelor's and master's level programs.


German Jordanian University in Amman, Jordan

The German-Jordanian University (GJU) is a public university located in Mushaqar, next to Amman. It was founded in 2005 in accordance with a memorandum of understanding reached between the German and Jordanian ministries of education and research. The project is funded by the Federal Ministy of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The University was modelled on the German applied-sciences model, characterised by their focus on putting knowledge into practice and on promoting knowledge transfer. GJU offers over 20 programs, with a student body of around 5.000, drawn predominantly from Jordan, but also including international students.

The School of Applied Humanities and Languages has strong ties to higher education institutions in Germany, providing its students study abroad opportunities and collaborating in the field of curriculum development and preparing graduates for PhD studies.


MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada

MacEwan University is home to four faculties and two schools. It is an undergraduate learner-focused institution with a history that dates to 1971. In 2006 the College began offering baccalaureate degrees, and in 2009, the institution was granted University status and renamed Grant MacEwan University.

The Model UN program started as a class project in Political Science, and was later transformed into a club. MacEwan University has been sending students to the NMUN, the world's largest organizer of UN simulations, for the past twenty-six years. Delegates selected for NMUN NY or other international trips are given rigorous training to develop transferable skills such as leadership, research, public speaking and they gain confidence to use the rules of procedure in UN committees. In June 2020, an official collaboration between the department of Social and Cultural Sciences of Fulda UAS and MacEwan University was institutionalised and a letter of intent was signed. But students and staff from both universities already cooperated before after having met for the first time at NMUN Erfurt in November 2019.


Sciences Po Toulouse, Southern France

The Toulouse Institute of Political Studies, named “Sciences Po Toulouse”, is a higher education and research establishment, autonomous within one of the oldest universities in Europe: the University of Toulouse which was founded in 1229. Sciences Po Toulouse was established in 1948 and now welcomes just over 1.700 students. It cooperates with nearly 150 international partners across 5 continents, allowing for constant student exchanges and common research projects.

The main peculiarity of the Sciences Po model is that it is an interdisciplinary approach to excellence in education which provides future generalists with the high level of grounding in skills that they need in History, Law, Economic sciences, Sociology, Political science and International relations, enriched by specialization in years 4 and 5, after a 3rd year either on a professional placement in France or overseas or alternatively studying at a foreign university. The normal programme lasts 5 years and leads to a Master’s degree (MA), while some students continue on to the level of a doctorate (Phd).


State University of New York (SUNY) in Cortland, USA

SUNY Cortland is one of 64 campuses in the State University of New York system. SUNY Cortland is a medium-sized school that offers 68 majors and about 30 graduate opportunities spanning master’s degree to advanced certificates.

Programs related to business, natural sciences, the arts and specialized professional fields complement a wide offer in teacher education and health-related majors.

SUNY Cortland is very active in student and staff exchanges with its international partners and experienced in collaborative international online learning – both aspects of internationalisation of studies the HAW.International project seeks to enhance.


University College London (UCL), UK

UCL is London's leading multidisciplinary university, with more than 14.000 staff and 43.000 students from 150 different countries. It was founded in 1826 and prides itself with 30 Nobel laureates, 11 academic faculties, being 1st in UK for research strength (REF 2014), 440 undergraduate programmes, 150+ nationalities represented by student body and 675 postgraduate programmes.

UCL's strategy (UCL 2034) is based on the following principal themes:

  • ↘ Academic leadership grounded in intellectual excellence;
  • ↘ A global leader in the integration of research and education, underpinning an inspirational student experience;
  • ↘ Addressing global challenges through our disciplinary excellence and distinctive cross-disciplinary approach;
  • ↘ An accessible, publicly engaged organisation that fosters a lifelong community;
  • ↘ London’s Global University: in London, of London and for London;
  • ↘ Delivering global impact through a network of innovative international activities, collaborations and partnerships.