What is the project about?

The project will expand the international network of the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and establish long-lasting partnerships beyond the project’s end in 2024. For this purpose, the department successfully applied for a nearly one million euro grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) from its funding programme UAS.International (HAW.International).

The project enhances the cooperation between international partners from academia and practice in order to strengthen the internationalisation of studies, teaching, research, and doctoral studies.

It aims to broaden and intensify the Department’s international ties and includes a wide range of measures such as promoting the exchange of students, teachers and PhD candidates, internationalisation of study programs and installing a Fulda Centre of Transnational Governance to promote exchange between science and economy. The project includes four intertwined areas: studies, transfer, research as well as regionalisation/focus on world regions.

International Research Cooperation

The project supports a variety of exchange programmes, activities and events with six selected partner universities worldwide. In addition to the internationalisation of studies and teaching, the project focuses on the development of an international research environment at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Every year, the Fulda Graduate Centre of Social Sciences will invite renowned visiting professors from the partner institutions and organize international conferences and summer schools.

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