Studies and Teaching

The Department of Social and Cultural Sciences, the research centre CINTEUS and the Fulda Graduate Centre of Social Sciences are already highly internationalised. Students, graduates and PhD candidates at our Department have a strong international orientation; teaching and research activities also have international ties and structures. The project’s objective is to broaden and intensify the Department’s international ties. Together with our partners, we aim to develop an attractive international study and research landscape that encourages and facilitates global mobility and collaboration – at home as well as abroad.

We increase student mobility.

Within our network, scholarships for students will be available in the project period to facilitate student exchanges between Fulda University of Applied Sciences and our partner institutions GJU Amman, Birzeit University Ramallah, SUNY Cortland, MacEwan University in Edmonton, Sciences Po Toulouse and University College London. Mobilities can take place in various programmes and on different study levels.

We establish an Englisch study track in MAHRS.

Our youngest degree programme Human Rights Studies in Politics, Law and Society (implemented in 2018) evokes interest from international graduates with a strong academic background, practical experience in civil society projects or a high interest in human rights issues – but without the required German language skills. The implementation of an English study track through the MAHRS programme will provide a meeting ground for this international community of human rights studies scholars and for exchange students from partner institutions in Fulda. The programme will benefit from further international perspectives and allow for a highly relevant social sciences specialisation.

We develop collaborative international online classes.

Approaches and tools of digital teaching and learning become ever more important. We witness and engage in a boost of digitisation in higher education. It alleviates international cooperation in teaching and learning without physical mobility. We will initiate the exchange of experience, bring together teaching staff with common interests and implement common classes with partners from the network.

A first impetus comes from the Global Lectures Series that has started in May 2021 and that encourages to open (digital) seminar and conference rooms for students and colleagues from partner institutions.

We develop a joint teaching program with a focus on migration and human rights.

As part of their programmes and research activities in social sciences, politics and education, some of our partner institutions also specialise in the topics of migration and human rights. We would like to share experiences, invite students and colleagues to be part of relevant activities and to further develop our curricula, especially in the M.A. programme Human Rights Studies in Politics, Law and Society. Expertise from the partner network can be bundled and will result in common teaching activities, modules or curriculum elements.

We fund international lectures.

Every year, a call for a Global Studies Guest Professorship will be circulated among the partner network. The guest professor will be appointed and hosted at Fulda University of Applied Sciences for a period of up to four months. The idea is that this colleague will teach students on different study levels in seminars, workshops or lectures and that research cooperation between our Department and the sending institution will be deepened.

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