The Writing Lab Team


Writing Consultant

Hi, I'm Elke and part of the Writing Lab Team since winter term 2015/16.

You probably know the situation: You need to write a text - no matter whether it's your bachelor's thesis, a term paper or something else - and you have no idea where to start or what kind of sources can be used. Many students, including me, experience this, but that's okay. Academic writing is no cakewalk.

Just don't hesitate to get some support if you feel you are stuck. Sometimes merely talking about your project will help you to see more and get new ideas. We students can help each other. So: Whatever department you're from - you are welcome. I'll do my best to work with you to find a solution.


Consultation Coordinator

I'm Franziska, and I'm happy to welcome you to the Writing Lab.

In the course of my studies at our university I've had to write quite a few papers, and I've witnessed the development of many texts of my peers. Term papers, lab reports or cover letters for job applications - each text brings with it its own challenges and insecurities.

However, all writing processes have one thing in common: It helps to discuss them with other students. Writing isn't always easy, and it is frequently helpful to get to know new perspectives or writing strategies or to simply receive some feedback from others.

So if your writing flow ever meets with obstacles, I'd be happy to hook you up fast with a writing consultant from our friendly team.


Writing Consultant


Hi, I'm Jazmín.

I'd like to give you the space to discuss what issues worry your about your written work. Allow me to convince you of the academic qualities of your work. And if you're lost in a forest of topics, we'll find a way out together.

I look forward to meeting you!


Writing Consultant

I'm currently studying biographical and creative writing at the ASH Berlin. But if this makes you assume that I'm one of the people who've written great essays in school and have always devoured loads of books, you're wrong. For me, writing was a late discovery. Today, however, it's hard to imagine my life without it. Writing allows me to get to know more about myself, to give my thoughts a visible form and to create space for new ideas and new ways of doing things.

During the studies for my first degree, writing was more of a requirement than pleasure. I still remember vividly arid and barren writing and the feeling of working on a paper without having a solid idea what precisely I was supposed to pay attention to. Since then I've realized that there's a different way. With a bit of curiosity, a helping of self-confidence and some knowledge about how effective texts are structured as well as productive feedback, we can learn how to write academic texts well - and that can even be fun.

This is why I work in the Writing Lab at Fulda University of Applied Sciences: I want to encourage students to approach their writing projects boldy and to support them in becoming better writers.


Writing Consultant

Mein Name ist Ute und ich arbeite seit Oktober 2016 in der Schreibwerkstatt der Hochschule Fulda. Ich habe Studienerfahrung im geisteswissenschaftlichen und im naturwissenschaftlichen Bereich und beschäftige mich unter anderem mit der Frage, wie man den Schreibprozess für sich selbst angenehm und gewinnbringend gestalten kann. In den Beratungssitzungen nehme ich eine strukturierte und lösungsorientierte Denkweise ein, um gemeinsam mit dir Antworten und Handlungswege zu finden.

Von der Themensuche über die ersten Stichpunkte bis zum fertigen Text: Wir von der Schreibwerkstatt beraten dich gerne zu Seminar-, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten, aber auch zu Projektberichten, Motivationsschreiben und vielem mehr.

Die Beratung ist kostenlos, vertraulich und wird von ausgebildeten Peer-Tutoren durchgeführt. Melde dich einfach über die Homepage an – wir freuen uns auf deine Anfrage.


Writing Consultant

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by. - Douglas Adams

The semester is soon about to end, and you suddenly realize that you still need to hand in an academic paper? Despite all forward-looking procrastination, you feel like the groundhog in that film you've never seen? You are somehow being coerced to walk in circles and knock your head against a wall - or to come up with a similar solution?

In case all this gets repetitive, get in touch. Even if your head still hurts from hitting the wall, I'm confident that together we'll be able to find a cure. And if your thoughts are still whirling around, let's take them to ornament the walls - and then it's up to you to decide which of them you like best.

I look forward to the issues you'd like to work on!

Almost forgot: I study social sciences with a focus on intercultural relations, have a special liking for writing non-academic texts, enjoy traveling and am usually an animal- and human-loving person.