Social Work (BASA, campus-based)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Study Programme Coordinator

Sophia Koch

Studiengangskoordination BASA-P


Sophia Koch

Studiengangskoordination BASA-P

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About the study programme

“Social work” is the umbrella term for social work and social education. The Bachelor’s programme in Social Work includes material from both these fields. Our graduates therefore have a wide range of career options in various areas of social work (e.g. public social administration, streetwork, work in youth clubs) and social education (work with children and teenagers or people with disabilities, media education, educational work), as well as in numerous new areas related to these traditional occupational fields.

The Bachelor’s programme in Social Work is fully modularised, i.e. all content is taught in modules. A module is a self-contained learning unit. The teaching content and (academic/generic) skills that students should normally acquire are defined for each module. Each module includes one or more oral or written examination(s).

For each module, credit points are allocated in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System. These credit points reflect the workload required for successful completion of the module.

This internationally oriented programme requires students to broaden their horizons and look beyond their own national borders. Attention should also be drawn to the programme’s creative media courses. Numerous art, craftwork, music, sport, new media and media education courses are on offer.