Social Work (BASA dual)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Study Programme Coordinator

Michaela Link-Leibold

Studiengangskoordinatorin BASA-online/ BASA-dual


Michaela Link-Leibold

Studiengangskoordinatorin BASA-online/ BASA-dual

+49 661 9640-2032
+49 151 17629831
+49 661 9640-249
Building 21, Room 203
Office hours
Mo – Fr 8 – 15 Uhr

About the study programme

In a dual study programme, students are required to work for a social work provider while studying.

This allows students to combine theory and practice and ensures that all stakeholders benefit from the programme’s practical relevance, as reflected in the programme content and assignments.

Because the BASA dual programme is organised as an online study programme with only one monthly attendance  blocks (five per semester, Friday and Saturday), students do not have live and work in close proximity to the university. They only have to travel to Fulda for the mandatory attendance periods.

BASA dual is aimed primarily at students who

  • want to earn a living and study at the same time;
  • have already done social work in a voluntary capacity, e.g. promoting self-help, and want to start a career in social work;
  • who want a career change and wish to start training in social work.

Students need a contract with a social work provider and are admitted if they hold a traditional university entrance qualification (general university entrance qualification, an entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences, subject-related university entrance qualification) or if they have completed (appropriate) vocational training (e.g. nursery school teacher) followed by professional experience.