The University

Fulda University of Applied Sciences is a practice-oriented university with an international profile. The special focus on applied research includes the independant right to confer the doctorate. Founded in 1974, the university encompasses, at present, eight departments with 55 study programmes, approx. 8,300 students and almost 1,100 international students from more than 100 countries, 170 professors, 125 academic and research staff, plus 250 administrative staff. The university offers a broad spectrum of academic and professional education with a special focus on "health, nutrition and food". Numerous research and development projects are undertaken in cooperation with private business and industry. Fulda University cooperates with ca. 100 universities around the world. The number of international programmes is growing continuously: "International Management", "Intercultural Communication and European Studies", "International Food Business and Consumer Studies", "Sustainable Food Systems", or "Global Software Development". These Master's programmes are partly or entirely taught in English. In October 2016 an international Bachelor's programme in "Science & Engineering" will start, the first two semesters taught in English, accompanying German classes.

Studing at Fulda University that means:

  1. Right in the centre of Germany
  2. No tuition fees: education is funded by the state
  3. Practice-oriented education with a strong focus on applied research
  4. State of the art laboratories
  5. Strong links to business and industry: good job opportunities
  6. Excellent support services for international students