Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office

Welcome to the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office!

Fulda University of Applied Sciences is committed to their work towards equity and equal opportunities. Our office unites key subjects such as anti-discrimination, diversity, gender equality, cross-cultural communication and the advancement of junior researchers and scientists.

On this page you will find an overview of our general strategic work, recent projects and contact information in case you have further questions. 


Our focus

Anti-Discrimination Counselling

Task of the Anti-Discrimination Office is to implement the anti-discrimination directive of the University of Applied Sciences Fulda. The responsibilities resulting therefrom are:

  • to provide informations concerning discrimination 
  • individual consultation (anonymously and confidentially) for all university members and university-affiliated who made experiences of discrimination, as well as their support through the process of conflict resolution
  • to increase sensitization concerning discrimination and to make discrimination visible at the University
  • public relations and information about the offers of the anti-discrimination place
  • cooperation with the existing consultation offers as well as with anti-discrimination agencies

The Anti-Discrimination Office offers support and advice for those who encounter discrimination because of their ethnic background, religion, language, gender, as a trans, intersex, or queer person, because of disability, class, age, or in multiple intersecting ways.

If you are treated unfairly, unjustly, or in discriminatory ways, feel as though you have been, or simply questions on this subject have, feel free to write us an email.

Open consultation hours:
As long as the campus is closes the open consultation hour takes place via webex on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can dial in at: hs-fulda.webex.com/hs-fulda/j.php or by phone 0619-6781-9736 (access code: 121 450 2610). The consultation takes place in partial group meetings so that third parties can neither disturb nor see who is taking part. If the incident occurred off-campus, we will refer you to qualified external offers.

Contact: Email: antidiskriminierung@hs-fulda.de


Anti-Discrimination Counselling concerning Covid-19

Since the spread of Covid 19 (Corona), many people have reported racial insults and hostility in public spaces. Particularly asian-looking people are affected, but also other groups of people are insulted or even threatened.
Open racial hostility but also subtle discriminatory reactions from the environment can unsettle and give the feeling of being alone and helpless, especially during this period. Even if the university is closed at the moment, you can get advice at the anti-discrimination office. Please feel welcome to send an email to antidiskriminierung@hs-fulda.de or diana.dressler@verw.hs-fulda.de. You also can call +49 661 9640-1717. 

Intercultural Services

Maintaining your sense of wellbeing and happiness as a student is of utmost importance to performing well in your academic career. Numerous resources and facilities are at your disposal!

Just Ask!

Should you require assistance or orientation on structures and resources available on campus on any of the following issues:

  • Pedagogical consultation for effective orientation in academic and exam structures
  • German language learning facilities
  • Buddy programmes, career services and other facilities provided by the International Office
  • Tutorial programmes offered by various faculties and departments
  • Developing academic writing skills offered by "Schreibwerkstatt"
  • Faculty programmes and contact persons related to international student affairs

Just Talk!

Should you be confronted with stressful intercultural related issues, values and culture shock. In a personal confidential consultation service, you can give vent to your uncertainties, your anxieties of living in a country whose culture is so different from yours.

Coping with the stress of the Corona crisis – Services for international students at the Hochschule Fulda

Away from home, culture shock – and now Corona. For many international students, the corona crisis considerably exacerbates the hardships of dealing with life and study or work related conditions in a new culture. Social distancing can further reinforce feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness arising from homesickness and separation from family.

Yet, talking may help. In difficult times, a sympathetic ear and a new perspective can serve as an energizer. Intercultural services from your intercultural coordinator at the Hochschule Fulda are still available to international students. If you need to talk, or just someone who listens and understands you, or if you need support or ideas to combat “Corona Stress”, you may contact:

Dr. (Univ. Mumbai) Pritima Chainani-Barta

In addition, you can also contact Ms Gesa Pusch-Thomas (gesa.pusch-thomas@hs-fulda.de) from the International Office.



Pritima Chainani-Barta

Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) in German

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin für den erfolgreichen Umgang mit Interkulturalität



Pritima Chainani-Barta

+49 661 9640-1025
+49 661 9640-1229
Building 32, Room 113
Consultation hours
Mittwoch bis Freitag

frauen@hs-fulda - workshops

frauen@hs-fulda is an ongoing workshop series designed to support female students in their personal development, and to help them shape their professional profiles. The series provides valuable information on topics such as career start and job applications, finances, self-confidence or life-work-balance.

We are currently planning our workshops for the upcoming semester.

Find out more about our events and register here!

Please note that all talks, workshops and classes of the frauen@-series are held in German.

Language and Communication Guidelines - Gender & Diversity

Language and communication have a significant influence on the perception of reality. According to the principles of our university and campus culture we aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. In order to raise awareness for discriminatory patterns in language, we have compiled a number of guidelines focused on gender and diversity in the German language.

We kindly ask all the members of our university to refrain from using phrases and images that reproduce biases and stereotypes and instead normalize an inclusive language that makes every person feel welcomed and valued.

Language and Communication Guidelines - Gender & Diversity (English Version)


For the fifth time, Fulda University of Applied Sciences was rewarded with the TOTAL E-QUALITY award in 2021 to certify its ongoing commitment towards gender equality and equal opportunities.

Fulda University of Applied Sciences has already been awarded with the TOTAL E-QUALITY-certificate four times, in 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018. 

We are pleased to publically support, promote and commit to gender equality via the TOTAL E-QUALITY-Prädikat.

Women in Science - Mentoring

Fulda University of Applied Sciences aims to support aspiring female scientists in all our departments. Increasing the number of female professors in general and the number of students in our STEM-programs, as well as securing and creating career opportunities for post-grad students seeking a career in science are our main priorities.

Quality standards as well as transparency and the involvement of our women's representatives in all our appointment procedures ensure that women who apply for a teaching position at our university will not be discriminated against.

Today, the percentage of female professors at our university is at 47 percent.

In order to provide more opportunities for women working towards a doctorate degree, scholarships are partly funded by the department for gender quality. Additionally, Fulda University of Applied Sciences offers different networking and mentoring platforms for students and doctoral candidates, especially those working in the STEM field. The Mentoring Hessen programme is one popular example.

Our scientific departments continuously aim to recruit outstanding graduates for research and assistant positions at our university to keep promising scientists and researchers here in Fulda.