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When you choose a university studies programme, you are also choosing a city and a campus. This is where you will spend a decisive and pioneering time. We not only want to offer you optimal learning conditions for your university studies, we also want you to feel at home here and invite you to take a look around and get to know us.

Unique campus

The campus of Fulda University of Applied Sciences is always worth a visit. The centrepiece is the plane tree courtyard between the library, cafeteria and Student Service Centre. But the sports facilities, the campus garden and the many cosy seating areas are also popular meeting places for students.


One of the great advantages of our university is the short distances and personal contact between students and their lecturers. Despite now having almost 10,000 students, Fulda University of Applied Sciences still has a family feel. People know each other and meet up.

Modern university

Our university offers its students modern seminar rooms and laboratories. Resources with state-of-the-art technology are extremely important for good training. Students learn and work in modern facilities with high-quality resources.

A little journey by the Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Our campus is rightly considered one of the most beautiful in Germany. Here you can chill out in one of the hammocks, meet up for a coffee and then head straight to the library or department. Despite the fact that there are now almost 10,000 students, university studies remain familiar and personal. You know each other, you meet each other.

The film shows our campus, the library and our departments.

Going out in Fulda

Fulda's old town is known for its high density of pubs. To party, head to the Bermuda Triangle, the area around Karlstrasse and Kanalstrasse, where pubs are lined up next to bars and restaurants. In summer, there is almost always something to celebrate, such as the wine festival or the beer festival. Just like the Stadtfest and the Genuss-Festival, these celebrations take place in the streets of the city. But Fulda doesn't get boring in winter either. The Christmas market with its neighbouring medieval market and winter forest is something very special!

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