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Anna Clara | Writing Lab Consultant

Hi, I'm Anna Clara and hail from Germany's beautiful North but have now moved to Fulda to obtain my second degree.
When I was working on my very first writing assignments at the beginning of my studies, all the academic and formal writing requirements made me miss the forest for the trees. When I gained more writing experience while studying for my first degree, I realized that there are various and individual approaches to writing that each person needs to discover for themselves. Writing consultations can support you with this discovery.
My own approach to writing can be expressed as, "How long are you willing to be unheard?" (Peter Elbow). For me, writing is a form of personal expression that allows us to publicly share our thoughts and attitudes.
I see writing consultations at Fulda University of Applied Sciences as a space where ideas are exchanged and where writers can explore their own writing. Writing consultations allow working together on finding ideas and strategies for dealing with various writing issues, and they are a place that fertilizes thoughts and writing processes.

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