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Elisa | Writing Lab Consultant

When I was a child, I loved words and writing because they were an expression of joy and imagination. Then I started university. There I had to learn how to deal with deadlines, different requirements and academic writing. Nothing of this had anything to do with joy and imagination.
I'm doing a Master degree now and after years and years of term papers and a bachelor thesis, I feel like I finally figured it out. When I learned that Fulda offered the possibility to work as a writing tutor, I immediately knew that I wanted to become one. After making my own experiences, I wanted to support someone finding their own path through the jungle of the academic world.
Wherever you are in your process, whether you are writing your first term paper or a master thesis, in German or in English: I’ll try my best to support you. That can range anywhere from specific questions, learning new methods and tools to just having a conversation to vent the frustration we all experience from time to time. I’m looking forward to work together with you.

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