Project Fight Covid-19

The project Fight-Covid-19 uses Geographic Decision Systems in the fight against the Corona Pandemic by visualizing key metrics on geographic maps. These serve Covid planning staffs to manage, for example, hospital bed utilization based on incidence. We additionally develop intuitive Excel tools for visualizing the company situation on maps, which can be used by companies free of charge.

New Infections vs. Available Ventilators

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Covid-19 cases (last 7 days) vs. available ventilators.

The map describes the 7-day covid-19 incidence and relates it to ventilator bed occupancy rates (low care, high care, ECMO).

Interactive map: zoom for a better overview or a more detailed view. 
By clicking on the layer symbol you can filter specific kind* of respiratory support method (low care, high care, ECMO, accumulated). You can obtain detailed information by clicking on an object (hospital, county, ...). In the case of overlapping objects, you can navigate through the objects using the triangle symbols ▷ at the top right.

Analysis: Dark area (=many Covid-19 cases) and red dots (=high ICU bed utilisation)  ➔ action needs to be taken (see legend for details)




In this dashboard the intensive care bed capacities of the DIVI intensive care register are visualized. As data source the .csv file provided by DIVI is read in anew for each day. The data sovereignty and professionalism lies with DIVI/RKI.

Crowd Support: Every Helping Hand Counts!

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This site lives from the contributions of many volunteers. Contact us and briefly describe your background (work, training/studies, private interest) and which of your strengths you would like to share with us. This could include the following:
Integrating our work within your company or crisis management team, increasing awareness of these pages within your environment, sharing your personal feedback with us or providing your very own ideas on how to fight the effects of this pandemic!

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Prof. Dr. Jozo Acksteiner and team

Sources and Notes

Data sources: Hochschule Fulda, ESRI (, Robert Koch-Institut ( , dl-de/by-2-0; Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy, © GeoBasis-DE / BKG (, Divi ICU Register (, Federal Statistical Office of Germany (

Kinds of respiratory support methods:
Low care: ICU bed  equipped with a face mask to support breathing
High care: ICU bed outfitted with a special apparatus using a tube to pressurise the lungs
ECMO: Most extensive treatment. A machine partly or completely takes over the breathing function
Accumulated: red = at least one kind (low & high care, ECMO) has a red status; yellow = at least one kind has yellow status; green = all kinds have green status

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