Project Fight Covid-19

The project Fight-Covid-19 uses Geographic Decision Systems in the fight against the Corona Pandemic by visualizing key metrics on geographic maps. These serve Covid planning staffs to manage, for example, hospital bed utilization based on incidence. We additionally develop intuitive Excel tools for visualizing the company situation on maps, which can be used by companies free of charge.

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In times of crisis, geographic analytics allows you to quickly make entrepreneurial decisions.

Use our free Excel templates and implement your own early warning system using your own company’s data.

Please note: In order to use the Excel templates, the GeoLyx add-on is required. You can download it here:

Download GeoLyx (required to use the templates)

Monitor your sites‘ Covid-19 cases:

Display your sites according to kind and size, and compare it with confirmed Covid-19 cases.
Thereby, you can quickly anticipate possible staff shortages.
You can generate this view as often as you like and thereby capture the dynamic of the infection.


Resource Overview:

See at a glance which sites have resource shortages (e.g. masks, gloves).

Use our visualisation to plan adequate counter-measures.


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