In order to use our templates, the Excel GeoLyx add-on is required.
You can obtain it as follows:

  1. Send an e-mail to the adress mentioned below
  2. Install the Excel GeoLyx add-on (you will receive a download link and an activation key via e-mail)
  3. Download the templates and open them
  4. You will now see a short tutorial to introduce you to the basic functions of GeoLyx (can be viewed again at any time)
  5. Familiarise yourself with the template under the tab "Tutorial" (Please note: The tutorials for the templates have not yet been translated into English)
  6. Enter your data (your data will remain on your local computer)
  7. You can now use the templates to visualise your data

You will receive the Excel add-ion and templates free of charge. At no point will you be asked to provide any payment information. After entering your data in the form below, no further data will be transferred to us through the software or the templates. The software can only be used for a limited time through the use of an individual license key. This key is non-transferable.

In return for the free use of the software and templates, we would greatly appreciate if you would make yourself available to use for feedback via phone or email once the Covid-19 crisis has come to an end.


System requirements:

-Windows 7 or higher (not compatible with Mac iOS)
- Excel 2007-2016

This software is a beta test version. The user accepts all responsibility for the use of this add-on. Hochschule Fulda and GeoLyx accept no liability of any kind for its use.


Download GeoLyx Add-On

Download GeoLyx Add-On

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