Vaccination Rate vs. Incidence

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Covid-19 cases (in the last 7 days) vs. Vaccination rate

Click on the layer symbol  to view optionally the status of vaccination on a county-level, 7-day incidence, and ranking of a county according to the reached fully-vaccinated rate in this county.

The size of the syringe symbol  corresponds to the county’s population size, the symbol’s brightness corresponds to the vaccination rate (= proportion of fully vaccinated in the total population; the darker the green color of the symbol, the higher the vaccination rate). By clicking the syringe symbol, the detailed proportional representation of booster vaccination vs. fully vaccinated vs. initial vaccination vs. unvaccinated can be viewed in a form of a pie chart.

The layer “Ranking by reached rate of full vaccinations” indicates four ranking categories (using the statistical method of quartiles): gold, silver, bronze and tin, which shows how well a county performed against all others in the state Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Vaccination rates are based on public data from the individual states (vaccination rates at the county level are currently only available for Baden-Wuerttemberg) and are updated weekly. 



Sources and references

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*Type of ventilation places:

Low Care   : At the bed is possible ventilation with a face mask
High Care : Ventilation station in which pressure is built up in the lungs via a tube
ECMO        : Most complex treatment: A machine takes over partially or completely the respiratory function of patients
Cumulative : Red = At least one type (low & high care, ECMO) has red status; yellow = at least one type has yellow status; green = all types have green status.