Vaccination Rate Ranking

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Vaccination rate ranking of states and counties

The map shows how successfully counties and states have performed in Covid-19 vaccination compared to each other. 

Click on the layer symbol  to view a ranking on the immunization status at county and state level. 

The rankings are determined based on the vaccination rate (= proportion of fully vaccinated in the total population) of the respective state/county.  It is distinguished between four ranking categories (quartiles): Top 25%, top 50%, top 75% and bottom 25%. 

The darker green represents the coloration of counties, the higher their vaccination rate compared to other counties. The rankings of the states are shown by the coloration of their state borders. The coloring runs from red (states with the lowest vaccination rate) to green (states with the highest vaccination rate).

By clicking on a county or state border, additional information can be displayed (e.g. population, vaccination rates, ...).



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