Project Fight Covid-19

The project Fight-Covid-19 uses Geographic Decision Systems in the fight against the Corona Pandemic by visualizing key metrics on geographic maps. These serve Covid planning staffs to manage, for example, hospital bed utilization based on incidence. We additionally develop intuitive Excel tools for visualizing the company situation on maps, which can be used by companies free of charge.

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Additional links regarding Covid-19:

Federal Ministry of the Interior ( Germany)

Information on rules, measures and recommendations for dealing with the corona pandemic in Germany.
Fulda schütztInformation and contact platform for suppliers and purchasers of personal protective equipment around Fulda (German language).
QuarantäneHeld*innenCross regional plattform connecting people willing to help with those in need of help (German language).
Robert Koch Institute: Covid-19-DashboardInformation on growth and total number of confirmed cases and deaths in Germany, displayed on a dashboard (German language).
European Centre for Disease
Prevention and Control
EU information on the spread of the virus, risks and measures on European level, as well as a collection of facts regarding the virus and disease.
WHO Covid-19 DashboardGlobal overview of deaths and virus spread.
Covid-19 Dashboard at Johns-Hopkins-UniversityGlobal data compiled from various sources and transformed into a single overview.
DIVI ICU RegisterOverview of intensive care capacities in areas and Covid-19 cases currently being treated there (Germany only, German language).
NPGEO Corona HubCollection of maps and dashboards from various countries.


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