"Hochschule Fulda - Fight Covid-19" is a student project under the direction of Prof. Dr. Jozo Acksteiner.

With the project "Fight Covid-19" we provide the public with geographical visualisations of data. For this purpose, we use and combine publicly available data. This allows interested parties and decision-makers can obtain a quick overview of the current situation.

Crowd support: Every helping hand counts.

This site lives from the contributions of many volunteers. Do you also want to take part in fighting the effects of the pandemic? Feel free to contact us under the e-mail adress mentioned below!

Please briefly describe your background (work, training/studies, private interests) and which of your strengths you would like to share with us. This could include the following:
Integrating our work within your company or  crisis management team, increasing awareness of these pages within your environment,  sharing your personal feedback with us or providing your very own ideas on how to fight the effects of this pandemic.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Keep well!

Prof. Dr. Jozo Acksteiner and team
(Andreas Silmann, Sarah Kühbauch, Marco Trautrims,  Tim Rodrian, Anmoldeep Angadi, Christine Rehberger, Ole Schütze, Abbas Abbas, Jonas Martin)

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