The FU³ coordinates and promotes the systematic search for knowledge in the field of corporate management and entrepreneurship. The question of the success factors of entrepreneurial action is at the center of the research. Entrepreneurs of all kinds are confronted with complex problems from numerous subject areas on a daily basis.  Not being able to deal with these challenges on the basis of well-founded knowledge means having to expose oneself to risks that are difficult to foresee in practice. Through the research activities at the FU³, we want to make application-oriented and interdisciplinary approaches to solutions tangible for entrepreneurs and thus make a contribution to successful business management and entrepreneurship.

At the Fulda Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Creation, we would like to offer you added value through our scientific support of your projects. We therefore welcome practical and network contacts, please feel free to contact us.

Our members conduct research on numerous topics:


Controlling / Finance / Accounting

Legal issues of business administration and entrepreneurship

Digitization in business models, processes & applications

Corporate sustainability standards, reporting and management

Human Resources and Change Management, Leadership & Communication

Responsible corporate governance and corporate culture

Macroeconomic and societal analyses

Quality management

Marketing management, consumer behavior and market research

Didactic concepts

Logistics / Supply Chain Management

At Fulda University of Applied Sciences, the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) is one of the scientific centers and research associations. HOLM offers an interdisciplinary and application-oriented platform for project work, research, education and training in the fields of logistics, mobility and other disciplines.

Further information


Product development

We will be happy to answer any further questions and support you in your research projects.

Please contact us for this purpose:

Stefan Heinlein

Wissenschaftlicher Koordinator des Forschungs- und Transferzentrums FUUU

Building 31 , Room 003
Stefan Heinlein+49 661 9640-2812