Vortrag: Krista E. Paulsen, Ph.D. (University of North Florida, USA)

Thema: The Case for Understanding Neighborhood Continuity

Within urban and community sociology, much emphasis is placed on neighborhood transitions and transformations, whether processes of economic decline and abandonment, or of reinvestment and gentrification. This is understandable, given the impacts of change on vulnerable residents. Yet many neighborhoods do not change dramatically over time – their built environments, demographic compositions, and distinct cultures endure. Understanding the processes that facilitate neighborhood continuity provides insight into how places can continue to support residents’ social and economic wellbeing.

Drawing upon scholarship in urban sociology as well as a case study of one Jacksonville, Florida neighborhood, this lecture outlines a program for studying neighborhood continuity attentive to the roles of structural, organizational, symbolic and interactional processes in reproducing neighborhoods in their familiar forms.


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24. Oktober 2018 ab 16.30 Uhr

Hochschule Fulda / Gebäude 21, Raum 122

Leipziger Str. 123 / 36037 Fulda