Bd. 2 The European Union in the Middle East Peace Process

Band 2 / Volume 2

Beste Isleyen

The European Union in the Middle east Peace Process: A Civilian Power?

What kind of a power is the EU? What are the main factors that have provided the EU with the opportunities to construct its role in international politics? Which theoretical approaches are appropriate for the conceptualization of the EU foreign policy activity? Does the EU operate as a civilian power? And what is a civilian power? What are the key indicators for the 'Civilian Power Europe'? Beste Isleyen's study offers a comprehensive overview of the academic debate on the 'Civilian Power Europe' and questions whether the concept is applicable to past and present involvement of the EU in the Middle East peace process.

124 Seiten. Paperback. 2008
ISBN 978-3-89821-896-2
ISSN 1865-2255

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