Bd. 8 In Dubio Pro Europa?

Band 8 / Volume 8
Henning, Janina
In Dubio Pro Europa?

An Analysis of the European External Action Structures after the Treaty of Lisbon
Bd. 8, Stuttgart: ibidem 2011
How did the Treaty of Lisbon change the institutional structure of the external action of the European Union? Did the reform meet the demands for a more coherent, efficient and consistent appearance of the EU on the international stage? Where are the deficits and how will they affect the future external relations politics of the European Union?
Janina Henning's study joins the ranks of numerous assessments that have been made of the current Post-Lisbon state in EU external action. By applying an in-depth analytical framework on the external relations structure before and after the Treaty of Lisbon, Henning is not only able to show structural deficits and political shortcomings. Her assessment also identifies promising improvements that could shape the EU external action in the future.

150 Seiten. Paperback. 2011
ISBN 978-3-8382-0289-1   
ISSN 1865-2255

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