Weaknesses and sustainable improvements of Short Food Supply Chain: Case of Frankfurt am Main

Research question 
What are some innovative alternatives to improve the problems of the Frankfurt am main cities SFSC?

Methodical procedure
Finding problems and the latest innovative solutions through the literature, and presenting the current process and improvement plans of the Frankfurt case through the BPMN model.

Process Barriers that occur as the supply chain is shortened are modeled based on the case of Frankfurt am Main. At the end, new scenario is introduced to improve the process.

Written by Hyekyeong Kim
Supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Huth, Marita Böhringer
Supported by Dr. Anna-Mara Schön, Doreen Havenstein (Nearbuy)

Period of time
01.01.2021 - 30.06.2021


Marita Böhringer

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