Welcome students of all nationalities and cultures! Feel at home away from home! Achieve all your goals throughout your studies with a little help from your friends from Rock It Together. Because that is what this is all about.

Studying abroad can be intimidating for many reasons. Being away from your loved ones and family in a different country can, at times, be quite scary and without a place to go to or someone you can contact, you might feel left out. This is where we come in to play. Rock It Together is a space where you can get to know one another and exchange experiences, problems or worries you may have.

Support, finding solutions TOGETHER or just maybe even having a chat in general! Feel free to contact us from the Rock It Together – Team to facilitate your studies abroad and be successful in mastering your daily routine as a student at Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

There will be events and offerings to manifest all international students studying at the “Department of Health Sciences” as a community of one in ALL OF the study programmes! Interaction and sharing experiences does indeed help in ridding the homesickness some of you might experience. Also, on a further note: If all is well and you are completely happy and fine with everything, let us as a group know as well! Shed some light on your time here in Germany, spread the word! Tell others how you feel about being here and give some insights into what it is like!

For the benefit of helping everyone out as a community give us your opinion, express suggestions/needs and tell us where we may be able to help out! Or just stop by Pika Plaznic-Canc’s office in building 53, room 42 and say Hi! She is the one who got this all started and will be happy to hear from you!

Dates and announcements can be found on Moodle, Instagram, Whatsapp or if you see Pika, Danielle or Dennis walking around you are always welcome to ask one of these three members of the Rock It Together – Organisation Team!

Also: We will announce which events are “only” for the international students and which events or information are for both the local/national students AND the international students as well. We want to create a “miteinander” as Germans would say and not a “nebeneinander” since we are all in this together!

your Rock It Together-Team: Pika, Danielle, Dennis


Gretje Wittmann

Pika Plaznik Canc

Projektmitarbeiterin MoBeS (Studienerfolg durch datengestütztes Monitoring und individuelle Beratung), Koordinatorin Pre-Study und Pre-College am Fachbereich Gesundheitswissenschaften

Gebäude 53 , Raum 042
Pika Plaznik Canc+49 1736269689
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