Rock it Together


Our supportive international community at the Department of Health Sciences

“Rock it Together” has become a well-established project at the Department of Health Sciences. Over the past three semesters, it has aimed to offer a supportive network for international students and exchange students.

Everyone was excited to return to campus life this summer semester, and so were we, the "Rock it Together" team, IHS students Pika Plaznik and Danielle Feldman. We were ready to finally get busy and start building our department's student community - this time: face to face!

Still have not heard of "Rock it Together"? Well, keep on reading; we got you covered! It is a project that offers you the valuable opportunity for intercultural exchange between local and international students from all cohorts and study programmes.

Let us tell you about the first event, the Game Night. Tables decorated with colourful tulips, snacks and board games from around the world were waiting for the students. That evening turned out to be a huge success and left everyone demanding more get-togethers. Oshur Ozodi, a 4th semester student from the International Health Sciences degree programme, recapped: “I have not laughed that much for a long time. Playing board games is a great way to meet new people and make friends.”

Next, on a lovely Sunday in May, we gathered at the Mini Golf court with our exchange and Pre-College students. Some were new to mini golf, while others were absolute experts at getting the ball into the hole, despite obstacles such as tunnels, tubes and ramps. Regardless of the level of experience, everyone was happy to cool down with ice cream afterwards, sitting in the park, listening to music and chatting. “It was great to be introduced to a new, cool spot in Fulda!” said Ashwini Pradhan, a Pre-College student from Nepal.

But that's not all! Just a few days later, at the Quiz Night, seven student teams came together for fierce competition. The quizmaster took the groups through numerous rounds of general and health-related knowledge as well as university-specific questions. “How is 77 represented in Roman numerals?”, “Which is the number 2 Sustainable Development Goal?”, “How much do the Pommes Frites cost at the university "Mensa"?” were just some of the questions putting the teams to the ultimate test. The winning team, "Masks Off," danced their way to the podium to collect their prize: useful gadgets from the university shop.

Think you know the answers? Want to be a winner at the next Quiz or Game Night?

Find more info in "Student portal - All about studies" on Moodle. Stay up to date with all upcoming events, and let's Rock it Together!