Services, Support, Excursions & more

Services, Support, Excursions & more

Ease your Start

Everybody who ever spent a semester abroad will tell you... it is an amazing, but also challenging experience. Even if the whole programme is taught in English, as soon as you leave the campus everybody speaks German... and you will not understand a single word (get an impression by listening).

The way of teaching and learning might differ a lot from what you are used to. You think you know how to pass an exam? But what if the way exams take place is completely different from everything you experienced before?

Since we know all that... we will ease your start by

  • a four weeks intensive German language course
  • short preparatory courses on typical prerequisites of modules in
    the first semester (like object-oriented modeling)
  • the chance to take part in a typical exam (on the content of preparatory courses) without any effect if you fail
  • bringing you in contact with seniors and and the Director of the programme

Moreover you will get to know other students, find friends, visit another place in an organized excursion and learn about German culture.
And the best:
It's free. No additional fees.

Services for International Students

We offer a variety of support programmes for international students before, during and after finishing their studies:

  • Visa support and assistance
  • Accomodation service,
  • Pick up service – on arrival day a senior student will pick you up at Fulda train station and take you to your place of residence
  • Orientation week – senior students will assist you in taking care of necessary formalities like registration, health insurance, visa, etc.
  • Buddy system – a German buddy will introduce you to social and academic sides of student life at Fulda University
  • Councelling in all aspects of your stay: planning, finances, visas, etc.
  • Career service – a professionally experienced mentor, who graduated at Fulda University as an international student, will conduct you for one year and assist you entering the German job market

Field Trips and Internships

Fulda University is a university of applied science. The type of academic education provided is close practice, i.e. professors and academic staff collaborate with industrial partners, students are invited or even obliged to do internships.
An internship isn't just any temporary job. It is essentially on-the-job training in a field that the student wants to learn more about. Many employers use internships as a way to train and evaluate future employees. Though employment isn’t guaranteed at the end of an internship, but many interns do receive job offers. Our internships are accompanied by professors taking care of what the students learn during the internships.

The department of Applied Computer Science regularly offers field trips. We visit companies, research centers or fairs (like CeBIT). A field trip is the optimal opportunity to learn more about job profiles or research and development trends while spending some private time together with other students and the accompanying professors.

Scholarship opportunity for international GSDev-students

Scholarship Master Global Software DevelopmentThe Department of Applied Computer Science will support one international student of this programme with a scholarship of 450 €/month for one year.

The scholarship recipient will additionally be asked to work as a tutor for the department. This job will require an approximate workload of 20 hours per month at a rate of 10.50 € per hour.

The scholarship will be awarded once a year to the student with the best results in the first semester examinations.

More information will soon be availabe here.