Applied Computer Science - LinuxLab


In the course of their studies, students of computer science should become familiar with various operating systems and programming languages so that they are thoroughly prepared for their later professional activity. In the Linux lab the computer systems and servers use SuSE Linux Enterprise developed by SUSE LINUX GmbH. Accounting, resource management and the administration of the machines are enabled by typical Unix tools. In addition, the Linux lab enables the operation of 25 workstations with Microsoft Windows.

The laboratory therefore makes it possible, for example, to develop and assess the performance of parallel programs or the use of render farms on advanced courses and to complete practically oriented training in various undergraduate courses based on the Linux operating system.


The Linux lab is used to communicate the knowledge and experience that industry and business expect of computer scientists and forms part of the basics of the practically oriented training provided in Fulda University’s Department of Applied Computer Science. If the laboratory is not being used for tuition sessions, students are free to use it to prepare for examinations, to do course work or to write papers, and to search the internet for information.

Building 46 (E), Room 129

Scientific direction

Siegmar Groß

Prof. Dr.

Siegmar Groß

Operating Systems, Parallel Programming

Building 46, Room 324
Prof. Dr. Siegmar Groß +49 661 9640-333
Opening Hours:
Research sabbatical - appointments by email.

Scientific assistant

Laboratory Engineer LinuxLab

Laboratory Engineer LinuxLab

Building 46, Room 128
Laboratory Engineer LinuxLab +49 661 9640-326
Opening Hours:
Please make an appointment.