Health professions

Priority research and study areas

1. Professional and vocational theory with the focus on health professions

The theory and empirical evidence of the development of the health professions have been the subject of research since the Special Research Department 101 was established at the University of Munich (Professional and Manpower Research). Previous research related primarily– from a professionally related sociological perspective – to the genesis of the medical profession (keyword: professionalisation) and current trends in the development of the medical profession (keyword: deprofessionalisation) as well as to interdisciplinary cooperation in hospitals (medicine – social work). More recent research is mainly concerned with current trends in the nursing professions and the non-medical therapeutic professions (keyword: academisation). In the latest analyses, comparative perspectives – particularly comparison with the Anglo-Saxon-style formation of expertise – and interaction with the control mechanisms of the market and the state play a central role in the health profession (keyword: professionalism).

Current projects

  • Development of the doctor-patient-relationship as a result of the introduction of a personal transinstitutional patient file

2. Health and nursing mobility in Europe

A current research priority is the systematic analysis of health-related personal mobility in Europe – as regards both members of health and nursing professions and the beneficiaries of health and nursing services.

Current projects

  • Integration of international nursing staff in everyday profession life
  • Promotion of language skills among international nursing and care staff migrating to Germany

3. Health risks and occupational safety / occupational health care in new types of work

Many years of active involvement in research and consultancy projects (e.g. in the programme “Humanising working life” and follow-up programmes) have led to an investigation of the stress factors associated with new types of work. In terms of analysis and structuring, the core of the R&D projects is the new “project-oriented” approach to work (project organisation/project management).


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