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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) / Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) - accreditation pending


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Cooperative study programme in “Food Technology”, “Applied Computer Science”, “Electrical Engineering and Information Technology”

No German skills required.

At a glance

Study programmeScience and Engineering (BSc, BEng) – accreditation pending
DepartmentFood Technology, Applied Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
SpecialisationsApplied Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Food Technology
DegreeBachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
Type of programmeAttendance
Standard duration8 semesters
Admission capacityNo admission restrictions
Start of study programmeWinter semester
Admission requirementsCertificate of entitlement to admission to an institution of higher education and evidence of English skills (Level B1 or equivalent)
Language of instructionSemester 1 + 2: English; from Semester 3: German
Language requirementsEvidence of English skills must be provided: Level B1 or equivalent
Application deadline15 July
Specific featuresDepending on the main subject chosen, students are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Engineering (BEng). The study programme is international in design: in the first two semesters no German skills are required as courses are conducted in English. German skills at the level of the DSH examination are acquired during the first two semesters; students with German skills at DSH 2 level acquire similar skills in foreign languages.

What does the programme cover?

The first two semesters of the study programme provide an interdisciplinary introduction to three fields of engineering: Applied Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Food Technology. Students thus become familiar with different subject disciplines and acquire foundational skills. In the third semester students specialise in one of the above areas. The study programme is suitable for international and German applicants, particularly those with a migration background.

The foundational programme is taught in English. This makes it easier for international students to embark on their studies, while the language skills of German students are furthered. Linguistic, intercultural, social and cultural skills are taught in addition to subject-related knowledge.

Why choose this programme?

The study programme is suitable for international and German applicants, particularly those with a migration background. If you are interested in studying engineering but do not know exactly what subject you would like to specialise in, this study programme is just right for you. You will start with an introduction to the four above-mentioned engineering disciplines before choosing your specialisation in the third semester.

How is the programme structured?

In the first two semesters of the interdisciplinary study programme, the general basics of engineering (e.g. mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry) will be taught in English. A key skills objective of the “basic course” is learning German to the level of the DSH examination (for students whose mother tongue is German, this is replaced by equivalent foreign language modules). This makes it easier for international students to embark on the study programme and furthers the integration of asylum seekers in Germany. A similar purpose is served by a module in which international students acquire skills in the field of German law and society. The acquired language skills and a module on intercultural skills prepare German-speaking students for employment with international enterprises. An orientation module is intended to make it easier to choose a specialisation at the end of the “basic course”. That module provides an introduction to the key contents of the three specialisations: Applied Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Food Technology.

Where does it lead?

The study programme prepares student for work in an international environment. Graduates will have acquired skills in the planning, processing and analysis of tasks and problems in the field of engineering. Apart from embarking on a career, graduates can follow the study programme up with a related Master’s programme.

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Britta Simon

Admissions Officer

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