Nutgecs – Nutrition Guide for Early Childhood Active Stakeholders

Socially disadvantaged children are among the groups most at risk as regards their nutrition status. The pre-schooling years from birth to six are the most important ones in the lives of humans due to the later effects on the development of individuals.

As children are dependent upon their parents for nutrition during these years, it is crucial that adults themselves have correct nutrition knowledge and practice and proper nutrition habits. Therefore, the awareness and knowledge levels of nutrition of everybody in society, especially of parents and teachers is crucial for future. Malnutrition during early childhood causes various health problems in people's future lives. However, application in nutrition education needs much less effort than the treatment of diseases. Prevention is much less expensive than treatment. This project aimed to prepare a functional and sustainable nutrition guidebook which could be used by all the stakeholders working with socially disadvantaged children.

These include parents, teachers, vocational education institutions, policy makers of related areas, public and private institutions, and other community organizations. As a result of the project, it was planned that the guide book will be disseminated at local, national and international media means, academic presentations, visits to policy makers, and meetings with pupils and teachers.


  • Active cooperation and transfer of knowledge between the European
    partners in the project.
  • Increase of quality and usage of vocational education focusing on typical techniques for vocational education.
  • Create cooperation with related sectors to intensify mutual learning.
  • Improve awareness for nutrition in early childhood to increase quality of life.
  • To contribute to forming and improving awareness, among stakeholders, of
    importance of nutrition education in preschool period.
  • Preparation of a guidebook offering descriptions and solutions for sustainable nutrition and nutrition education which can be used by all stakeholders of children in their early childhood.


Cooperation partners:

  • Selçuk Üniversitesi Mesleki Egitim Fakültesi, Vocational Education Faculty, Konya, Turkey; Assist. Prof. Dr. Nazan AKTAŞ, Project coordinator, D. Esra Angin; M. Ali Cebirbay 
  • Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Dep.  Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences; Prof. Dr. Barbara Freytag-Leyer, M. Sc. Verena Bauer, Dipl. oec.troph. Doris Süßle, students: Andrea Daniels, Julia Blaumeiser, Hannah Günther, Svenja Humme, Christin Keßler, Anja Kupke, Helean Pazcowksi, Corinna Rahe, Lena Rinke, Miriam Schmalzl, Annalena Schraut, Theresa Stachelscheid
  • University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences, Dep. of Nutritional Sciences; Ass. Prof. Dr. Petra Rust, Mag. Elisabeth Höld
  • Latvijas Lauksaimniecibas Universitate Latvia University, Jelgava, Latvia; Dr. oec., asociēta profesore Aija Eglite, Dr. oec. Skaidrite Dzene 
  • Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara, Romania; Prof. Dr. Mona Vintila, Ass. Prof. Daliana Istrat


A Nutrition Guide for Early Childhood Active Stakeholders – Nutgecs:

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Bauer, V. (2011) Der Einfluss von Erziehern auf die Ernährungssituation von Kindergartenkindern Eine qualitative Analyse von Handlungspotentialen und Möglichkeiten im Rahmen des EU-geförderten Projektes „NUTGECS“. Masterarbeit, Fulda.

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Prof. Dr.

Barbara Freytag-Leyer

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Project information

Project coordinator:
Selçuk Üniversitesi, Assist. Prof. Dr. Nazan Aktas

European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci, Partnership Project Projektnumber: 2010-1-TR1-LEO04-15852 6

10/2010 – 9/2012