English taught courses

Get inspired for your study semester as a future exchange student at Fulda University as your host institution. You can choose suitable classes from this list of English taught courses below. It is in some cases possible to enrol for a course at another department of Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Here you will find a complete overview of the English taught courses offered at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. If you are interested in taking a course at another department, please contact the International Coordinator of our department, Claire Holch.

The Department keeps the right to make changes in the detail of the curriculum. The changes might deal with the lecturers, titles, contents, duration, depth, and timing of the courses. The purpose of the changes would be to guarantee the most suitable and flexible study schedule for the exchange students.

At the beginning of the exchange period, you will re-check and complete your Learning Agreement together with the International Coordinator at this department

Summer term

Winter term

Information systems for the food industry | 6 ECTS | Campus FD
Innovation management in the food industry | 6 ECTS | Campus FD/WIZ
Institutions and the food system | 6 ECTS | Campus WIZ
International legislation on consumer protection and food | 6 ECTS | Campus WIZ
Management and management accounting | 6 ECTS | Campus FD
Marketing research | 6 ECTS | Campus WIZ
Nutritional and consumer behaviour | 6 ECTS | Campus FD
Principles of organic farming | 6 ECTS | Campus WIZ
Quality management and certification for organic products | 6 ECTS | Campus WIZ
Research methods | 6 ECTS | Campus WIZ
Responsible and sustainable food business in global context | 6 ECTS | Campus WIZ
Sustainable diets | 5 ECTS | Campus WIZ