M-House – Mobile Learning to unleash households business potential

In developing an online course, the project wanted to provide a means for household members to improve and raise the awareness of entrepreneurial skills gained by running a household as well as digital skills. Participants will be enabled to increase the exploitation of alternative employment pathways (e.g. entrepreneurship) and personal fulfilment.

The project partners determined 11 key learning situations (KLS) with the potential to train entrepreneurial skills faced by a household. 104 semi-structured interviews were conducted with private households, entrepreneurs, public authorities, job centres, learning institutions, household associations and quality board members of the project in each partner’s country to ascertain the relevance of the 11 KLS and their contents. Eight KLS were chosen to be most relevant and the basis of the modules.

A usability test with contents of three prototype modules of the learning platform was done with test persons in Germany. The usability test provided the means to adapt the prototypes of the modules according to the test persons’ opinion. The modules were tested in two pilot runs with learners from each partner’s country. The experiences gained during the pilot runs served to adapt the modules ending in the completion of the online course. The modules have been revised and adapted continuously as a participatory cooperation of eight partners from six European countries.

As results, a business skills explorer online training, a business and management toolkit, and a portal for SME are available (free of charge, in English, German, Italian, Romanian and Polish languages -


  • Introduction
  • Plan it! Do it!
  • In seach of value!
  • Move and take off!
  • Your guest, your customer!
  • Make dreams come true!
  • Get the budget balanced!
  • Problem solved!
  • Brand yourself!


  • To understand and valorize entrepreneurial skills, acquired through everyday activities while managing a house or a family
  • To provide households with alternative career pathways
  • To achieve personal fulfillment reconciling work and family
  • To develop and test a non-formal, prototypic e-/m-learning-course using  e-/mobile-learning  with smartphone or tablet for adults
  • To develop an online course with 8 modules


Cooperation partners:

  • Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, Brussel, Belgium; Marta Brozo
  • University of Applied Sciences Fulda, Germany; Barbara Freytag-Leyer, Barbara Pfindel, Rainer Blum
  • Institute for Interdisciplinary Research – inter.research, Fulda, Germany; Thomas Berger, Marcus Fessler, Carina Dingeldein
  • Association for Lifelong Learning in Rural Areas (AEPMR), Romania; Vasillca Capatan
  • Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland; Johann Kartasiewicz, Anna Czarczyńska
  • Cooperative for Innovation and Development of South Italy (CISME), Italy; Angela Princi, Daria Shishova
  • Anne Fox Aps, Danmark; Anne Fox
  • International Federation for Home Economics, Bonn, Germany; Anne von Laufenberg-Beermann Sabine Reinhart-Maack


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Project team Fulda

Project information

Project coordinator:
Marta Bronzo, Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce 

European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme GRUNDTVIG Projektnumber: 539049-LLP-1-2013-1-BE-GRUNDTVIG

11/2013 – 10/2015