24.03.2022 — 17:00 bis 18:00Uhr

Online InfoSession: Meet our International Health Sciences students online!

Would you like to get to know more about us?

You want to know...

  • ...what the campus looks like and what it's like to study there?
  •  ...why we decided to study International Health Sciences?
  •  ...how international students prepared for their studies in the Pre-Study Programme?
  • ...what it is like to study abroad?
  • ...what you work on in a study project in the International Health Sciences programme?

Then just drop by one of our online meetings "Students Narrate" with us.

Link to the video conferencing system

We`re looking forward, to meeting you!


How to join our webinars:

For our webinars we use the platform Cisco Webex. You don´t need an account nor a password in order to participate.

1.    Click on the respective link five to ten minutes before the webinar starts.
2.    Once a new window opens, you can find the webinar´s description again. Please enter your name(s) and email address in order to join the webinar. Please note that we do not safe any of your personal data.
3.    Click on the button “Join by browser NEW!”
4.    A new window will now open for the webinar. Welcome and thanks for joining!"