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Autumn School 2022: Call for Contributions!

The FGCSS invites doctoral and advanced Master's students to our Fulda International Autumn School 2022 on "Mobilities and Human Rights"

We live in an increasingly mobile world: People, imaginaries, knowledges, objects, and capital are on the move. Fuelled by new technologies and globalisation, they cross political, social, and cultural borders and create a global net of connections. Movements through space often go along with social mobility of individuals or groups of people, resulting in changes of economic positions and social status. Yet, not everybody and not everything is spatially or socially mobile: Disconnections and exclusions are created by manifold structural and legal constrains, discourses of foreclosure, or norms of sedentary lives.

The Fulda International Autumn School 2022 invites doctoral researchers and Master’s students to explore the diversity of (im)mobilities and their interrelation with social justice. From an interdisciplinary perspective, including sociological, political, legal, and intercultural approaches, we will scrutinize

  • forms, drivers, and implications of (im)mobilities,
  • patterns of inequality, highlighting the intersections of gender, race, and class,
  • political and legal instruments that shape (im)mobility. We are particularly interested in the opportunities and predicaments of social, economic, and cultural human rights.

The one-week programme offers different formats of exchange:

  • Keynotes and lectures from senior scholars will introduce the participants to the relevant research fields.
  • Interactive workshops will provide a platform to bring in your questions and exchange ideas. We invite doctoral and Master’s students to present own projects and discuss your current research challenges in a creative and supportive atmosphere.
  • Hybrid format: We are looking forward to an on-site event and offer grants for international participants. To further reduce barriers, online participation is equally possible.

How to participate?

  • To discuss your own project, please send us your proposal by 15 August 2022 to fgcss-autumnschool(at)sk.hs-fulda.de
  • You want to participate without a presentation? Contact us!

Please find more information in our Call for Contributions.

In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact fgcss-autumnschool(at)sk.hs-fulda.de

Fulda International Autumn School 2022

The Fulda International Autumn School will enter its second round under the title "Mobilities and Human Rights" in the upcoming winter term.

14 – 18 November 2022

The FGCSS invites doctoral and master’s students to explore and discuss the manifold realities of (im)mobilities and its interrelations in an increasingly globalised world, in which people, objects, imaginaries, and capital are on the move, crossing political, social, and cultural borders.

Based on an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach, the Autumn School will analyse spatial and social (im)mobilities from sociological, political, legal and intercultural perspectives. The programme will scrutinise the underlying structural conditions and implications of mobilities as well as the various aspirations, discourses, and ways of living that are connected to (im)mobility. Furthermore, the Autumn School will ask for the role of political and legal instruments in the regulation of mobility. It will discuss the potential of human rights – and especially the often neglected social, economic and cultural human rights: How can they be developed further and potentially contribute to the governance of mobility and mobility rights – including the right to stay immobile without harm? Which dimensions do we need to consider? What are the legal, political and socio-cultural problems of implementation and universalisation?

Fulda International Autumn School 2021

The conference provides an opportunity to get into an academic exchange with students and researchers from all over the world. Register now!

The programme offers different formats of exchange. In addition to keynotes and lectures from senior scholars who will introduce key research problems, we invite doctoral and advanced MA students to present their projects. In a creative and supportive atmosphere, we will discuss your current theoretical and methodological challenges and provide new ideas and perspectives.

Perspectives and topics

  • Inequalities and human rights within and beyond the European Union
  • Social movements, human rights, and transformative potential
  • Postcolonial and intersectional perspectives on global inequalities
  • Discrimination and social (im)mobility
  • Doing research on global inequalities


The keynotes are open to the interested public upon registration. Everybody who would like to participate in our workshops, learn and discuss with us, is welcome. If possible, we kindly ask to participate throughout the whole programme. Full participation is the prerequisite for a certificate.

Speaker of the Fulda Autumn School 2021

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To register, please send an E-Mail to fgcss-autumnschooll(at)sk.hs-fulda.de indicating if you would like to attend one or several keynotes or the whole Autumn School. The keynotes will be open for all students and staff of the Department (upon registration).

For more information contact Corinna Land: fgcss-autumnschool(at)sk.hs-fulda.de

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