International Course in Social Work

The Department of Social Work invites exchange students from abroad to attend the International Course in Social Work which is designed for students from our partner universities and regular Fulda students enrolled in Bachelor’s programmes in Social Work or comparable Bachelor’s programmes.

The course is especially tailored to students who do not (yet) speak German. The language of instruction is English.

About the course

  • Course for international and Fulda students on different aspects of social work and intercultural communication
  • Programme start: Summer Semester April - Mid July; Winter Semester: September - Mid December
  • The course and project work will be conducted in English. The field work is supported by an English-speaking tutor and a social worker, but the students need to be aware that German is the usual language of communication with the clients of social work at most of the institutions.
  • Students should have completed the first year of a BA in Social Work or of a comparable study programme.
  • 30 ECTS credit points will be awarded for all modules and student performance will be graded. 
  • The course is free of charge for exchange students.
  • Enrolment fee: approx. €300, including the semester ticket for public transport within the federal state of Hesse.
  • Cost of living: €900-950 per month, including rent, health insurance (€110 per month) depending on living standards.
  • Cost of study visit to Berlin must be partly covered by the studens

Download the flyer "International Course in Social Work" Summer Semester (Version 26.10.2023)


Programme structure

The programme comprises 3 A-B-C modules with a total workload of 30 ECTS:

Module A, 15 ECTS
Social Work in an International Context and Fundamentals of Intercultural Competence: Focus Community Work and Diversity (Summer Semester)

Social Work in an International Context and Fundamentals of Intercultural Competence: Focus Poverty - Causes, Consequences and Concepts of Action (Winter Semester)
Four units Summer Semester:
-The policy, politics and structure of Europe
- Subject-specific aspects of social inequality and social work with the focus on diversity
- Fundamental intercultural competences
- Creative Project: Biographical theatre and site specific theatre (summer semester)

Four Units Winter Semester:
- Implementation of children's rights in the international context especially addressing child poverty
- Determinants, causes and consequences of poverty
- Fundamental intercultural competences
- Creative Project: Research and forum theatre, theatre sport (winter semester)

Module B, 10 ECTS
- Field Work in an Intercultural Context:

  • Field studies in community work with young people (Summer Semester)
  • Field studies in everyday life with intersectional social inequality (Winter Semester)

- Social Work Institutions: visits to observe “good practice”
Field Experience in an Intercultural Context: students will participate in field work, activities and projects in institutions of social work which offer services in the areas of community work, youth work street work mostly in an intercultural. International students are assisted by English-speaking tutors and social workers.
Visits to Social Work Institutions: for students to become familiar with good practice.
Project Activity: facilitating and supporting sustainable development in social work; small scale research projects in cooperation with social work institutions. Projects will cover issues such as ethnic minorities, social inequality, unemployment, gender, etc., i.e. the most relevant areas of social work.

Module C, 5 ECTS
German as a Foreign Language

Supplementary module for students who would like to learn basic German

Total ECTS: 30

Download complete course description (Summer Semester)

Download complete course description (Winter Semester)


Admission requirements

  • Good English language skills.
  • Students should have completed their first year (or first block of studies) in a Bachelor’s programme in Social Work or a comparable programme and be enrolled in one of our partner universities.


Step 1: Complete and sign the application form. Attach the following documents:

- A copy of your passport
- University transcript of records in English or German
- Language certificates demonstrating your knowledge of English (if available)
- Learning Agreement and motivation letter (for Erasmus+)

Step 2: Submit your application.

The application form and other documents should be sent by email (digital files) to: exchange-io(at)

Application/nomination deadlines:

Summer Semester: 1. December

Winter Semester: 15. May/1. June



Students from previous International Courses share their thoughts and experiences.