IC Modules

International Course Modules*

Social Work in an International Context and Fundamentals of Intercultural Competence

Credit points: 15 (Workload: 450 hours)

Three units: general competences in an international context, competences with regard to social work, intercultural competences

  1) Internship in Social Work in an Intercultural Context
  2) Social Work Institutions: visits to observe “good practice”

Credit points: 10 (Workload: 300 hours)

Students will be required to complete an internship at social work institutions. International students will carry out intercultural work assisted by Fulda students as native speakers.

After a period of preparatory work, several social work institutions will be visited and be questioned about aspects of their “good practice”.

Students will be required to complete small-scale research projects in cooperation with social work institutions. Projects will cover issues such as ethnic minorities, social inequality, unemployment, gender, etc., i.e. the most relevant areas of social work. Furthermore, they will support sustainable development in the social work institutions concerned.

German as a Foreign Language

Credit points: 5 (Workload: 150 hours) 

Supplementary module for students who would like to learn basic German

Total credit points: 30 (Workload: 900 hours, i.e. 4 months)


Study visits to Berlin and Weimar (optional)
Objective: To gain more insight into the cultural background of the host country
Cost: approx €270


 * partially conducted together with our BA in Social Work Students