„COVID-19, Global Health & what to know about it“- studyproject


Picture: Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences/ Kasia Skoczek

Are you tired, confused and annoyed by what to believe about COVID-19?

Here comes the solution. We are launching our eLearningCourse called „COVID-19, Global Health & what to know about it“, as part of our studyproject in the study program “International Health Sciences”.

This course will help you to expand your knowledge about COVID-19 and you will learn how to cope better with fakenews and the flood of information that is confronting you everyday. In addition, this course is not just about COVID-19, but also relevant health and policy issues.

The content is explained in an easy language, so don't worry about your English skills. Maybe you can even improve your English skills. The course is accessible on Moodle for all HS Fulda students, teachers and staff.
Are you interested in the course and curious what it looks like?

Click on this link:

Have fun and learn something new everyday!