Department of Nursing and Health Sciences renames itself


The former Department of Nursing and Health Sciences will be renamed the “Department of Health Sciences” from 01 April 2022.

In German, “health sciences” is known as "Gesundheitswissenschaften". In this way, the department is taking into account the developments of the past years. Beyond nursing, which gave the department its name at the time, the department has developed a comprehensive study and research profile along all pillars and fields of action in the health care system. There are currently 14 different Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. With more than 90 employees and numerous research projects, the Department of Health Sciences is a supporting pillar in the profile of Fulda University of Applied Sciences, which focuses in particular on the topics of health and quality of life.

The department was founded in 1994, initially with only the degree programme in nursing at the time. After the Bologna reform, the Master's programme in public health was launched in 2004. In 2012, it established the dual Bachelor's degree programme in midwifery. Midwifery became the first health profession to be fully academicised in 2020. As early as 2016, the research-intensive discipline of public health received the independent right to award doctorates.

New rooms

Almost at the same time as its renaming on 1 April, the department has moved into new premises on campus. Although the new building on the site of the former Mühle Heyl has not yet been officially opened, most of the laboratories, seminar and lecture rooms of the health sciences have already been relocated.

"Symbolically, you can say that the department is now moving together under one roof - both in terms of its name and the new building," says Vice Dean Prof. Dr. Stefan Greß. "We decided on the name together with students and teaching staff within the department, and then agreed on it with a very clear consensus in the relevant committees," Greß continues, confirming the shared course set for the coming years.