Disablity as a social relationship


Dr. Niki Edwards and Dr. Julie King, both Senior Lecturer, QUT, Brisbane, Australia and experts in the field of disability in the international setting and human rights, offered from the 20th-24th of June 2016 an intensive workshop “disablity as a social relationship”

This unit explored the political, theoretical and practical issues that lead to, or perpetuate structural, economic and cultural exclusion of people living with disability. It was designed to assist students to critically think about disability through consideration of real-life practical issues that are pertinent on local, national and international platforms.

The unit was attended by students from the study program BASA-online and BASA-P which benefited from this intensive course and also enjoyed studying, learning and discussing together.

"It was so exciting to listen the personal real-live-experiences from Dr. Niki Edwards and Dr Julie King from Brisbane. They gave us in a quite pleasant work - atmosphere an extensive and new view about the profession as a social worker."

Birgit Bruckner, Student BASA-online, 2nd Semester