Dominik Skauradszun and Walter Nijnens spoke in Copenhagen


Fulda academics showed their views on a new EU Directive


Professor Dr Dominik Skauradszun, LL.M. Tax., professor of civil law and economic law, in particular corporate law and Walter Nijnens, LL.M. (Nijmegen & Nottingham), doctoral candidate, both spoke about latest research results at conferences in Copenhagen last week.

Professor Skauradszun was invited by INSOL Europe, the leading European organisation of professionals who specialise in insolvency, business reconstruction and recovery, to speak at their Annual Congress about the German plans to implement the recently adopted European Directive on Preventive Restructuring Frameworks. Topics discussed included the absence as of yet of a German bill, general observations regarding proposals presented in German legal literature, and major disputes in said literature. This invitation followed many publications in German and English published in the previous months dealing with multiple aspects of the new Directive and the way Germany should implement it into national law. Professor Skauradszun has also given presentations on these subjects at multiple congresses both in Germany and abroad.

Mr Nijnens, who is writing his doctoral thesis on the impact of general data protection law on European insolvency law under the supervision of Professor Skauradszun, was invited by the Younger Academics Network of Insolvency Law (YANIL) to present at their Inaugural Conference at 10 Years. He presented a paper that he co-authored with Professor Skauradszun and which was published mid-July in the International Corporate Rescue. The paper discusses which rules of private international law are applicable to the new preventive restructuring frameworks, a question that until now has not been answered in English or German literature by any other scholars. The presentation ended with some short remarks on the recently published Dutch implementation proposal and problems this might create for legal practice.

Both Professor Skauradszun and Mr Nijnens have written multiple papers on aspects of the new Directive. Next to the ones already published, a new paper will be published in a short while in the Dutch Tijdschrift voor Insolventierecht and a second one at the end of the year in the British Nottingham Insolvency and Business Law eJournal. Timely before the conference the insolvency practitioners’ journal eurofenix had published their article “New toolbox, new questions”, which was distributed to all congress attendees.