Event note: Digital conference on migration

Digital conference on migration

Editing: JS | Hochschule Fulda

6 & 7 May 2021 – International scholars will meet to discuss the topic "Revisiting Migration with a Special Focus on the Global South".

The spring conference of the Developmental Sociology/Social Anthropology Section of the German Sociological Association (DGS) will be co-hosted this year by the Center for Intercultural and European Studies (CINTEUS). Organizers Ulrike Schultz (Friedensau) and Eva Gerharz (Fulda) invite participants to discuss migration with a focus on the global South. Keynote presentations will be delivered by Nasreen Chowdory (New Delhi), Oliver Bakewell (Manchester) and Renu Modi (Mumbai). Additionally, a number of scholars* from different parts of the world will report on their research on various aspects of sociological migration research.

The digital conference will take place on 6 and 7 May 2021. You can view the full program at the related links.

To register, please contact: william.schmidt(at)sk.hs-fulda.de