Freshers' Week IFBC in special times - winter term 2020


Welcome address for IFBC first semester students

The students and coordinators at the Campus Fulda

the few who made it to Germany

...after the stroll through Fulda.

A very different introduction day at Campus Fulda during an online semester

The introduction day, which was held on 27th October, was a very nice start into the Master’s programme ‘International Food Business and Consumer Studies (IFBC)” at Campus Fulda. Although we were only 6 students, who were able to join the introduction physically, it was a great feeling to meet with other international first semester students and get to know each other.

During the day we received further information about the study programme and modules taught in it. We also had the chance to meet our programme coordinator, Helga Keil, and the international coordinator, Claire Holch. We joined the welcome address of the programme directors and explored the city of Fulda afterwards.
After this introduction day we are even more ready to explore all future opportunities that the IFBC programme will offer and to deepen our knowledge in the various subjects that the programme provides.

Beste Kasımoğlu – one of the few first semester students, who made it to Germany!