Fuldaer Abend 4.12.18: Contesting European solidarity: from a ‘politics of identity’ to a ‘politics of solidarity’


Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Trenz

In this lecture, we will investigate how appeals to transnational (European) solidarity are currently raised and publically contested by political actors and in the media, nationally and transnationally. It is argued that European solidarity has become one of the most contested claims in public and media debates turning it into a mobilization force for intellectuals, political actors and citizens’ movements. By providing an analytical framework for the study of such solidarity
contestation in times of crises, a ‘new politics of solidarity’ in the EU is distinguished, which is different from the ‘old politics of European
identity.’ In accordance with this ‘new politics of solidarity’ we observe a shift of emphasis in the promotion of European integration aiming to establish a reciprocal relationship among equals to the promotion of differentiated integration, based on flexible arrangements, discretionary redistributive mechanisms and hegemony. Contested claims for solidarity are then to be
regarded as a driver of differentiated integration through which the relationship between memberstates, the status of citizenship and rights and
the moral obligations of Europe in the world are currently renegotiated.