Global Inequalities and Human Rights

Call for Papers

Call for Contributions: We invite doctoral and advanced MA students to our International Fulda Autumn School 2021.

Call for Contributions
Our world is divided by deep social inequalities, aggravated by contemporary challenges such as economic crises, climate change, and a global pandemic. While the unprecedented wealth of our times is under control of a few, poverty and precarity affect more and more people. While a part of the world’s population enjoys social and political rights , others face institutional discrimination or persecution. While some have the freedom to move or to stay at home, others are forced to seek refuge or stay in places where they are not considered as equals.

During the Autumn School, we will explore how intersecting dimensions of global inequalitiess hape societies and people’s everyday lives and discuss ways to confront them. The programme offers different formats of exchange. In addition to keynotes and lectures from senior scholars who will introduce key research problems, we invite doctoral and advanced MA students to present their projects. In a creative and supportive atmosphere, we will discuss your current theoretical and methodological challenges and provide new ideas and perspectives.

Perspectives and topics

  • Inequalities and human rights within and beyond the European Union
  • Social movements, human rights, and transformative potential
  • Postcolonial and intersectional perspectives on global inequalities
  • Discrimination and social (im)mobility
  • Doing research on global inequalities

How to participate?

  • Send a title, keywords and abstract (max. 300 words ) by 1 October 2021 to fgcss-autumnschool(at)
  • The abstract should specify the questions and challenges you would like to get feedback on.
  • Please point out which workshop you would like to contribute to (name two prioritized options).


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