Global Lectures Series – Transnational Governance and Human Rights


Global Lectures Series starts on Monday, May 3rd, as part of DAAD/ project.

International cooperation and international exchange are possible despite the global pandemic and are a distinguishing feature of our department. As part of the project “Transnational Governance and Human Rights”, sponsored by the DAAD programme UAS.International, a new sequence of events will start in May with a “Global Lectures Series”. The events are organised and offered by seven partnering higher education institutions in Canada, the U.S., Great Britain, France, Jordan, Palestine and Germany for students, researchers, teaching staff and others from the partners network (Link zu Netzwerk?) who are interested in the topics covered.

Four event categories and various formats are scheduled for the series:

1) Shared (digital) Platforms
Open Lectures

Presentations and lectures by scientists and experts from within and outside of the network which will be specifically organised for this series.

2) Collaborative Spaces
Seminar Visits

Students from throughout the network will be targeted and invited to take part in individual seminar sessions so that a topic can be presented to and discussed with a wider student audience.

3) Networking Student & Staff

Here, students from the network will have the opportunity to socialize, to forge links and to increase their own networks. The development of foreign language tandems or peer counselling on various topics (such as studying in Germany, finding an internship abroad, study-related topics) are being considered as well as parlour game nights.

4) Miscellanous

Representatives from partner institutions can share information on conferences or other events at their institutions to invite colleagues and students from the network.

In a padlet created for the series you can find further information on the series, a calender of events, information on speakers and teaching staff as well as the links to the specific digital conference rooms..

DDr. habil. Andreas Herberg-Rothe of Fulda University of Applied Sciences will start the series with his lecture: “Karl Jaspers as the godfather of intercultural philosophy – revisiting the concept of the axis civilizations” on Monday, May 3rd, at 5.10pm CET. The link to the online meeting can be found in the padlet/p>

The series takes place as part of the project “Transnational Governance and Human Rights”, sponsored by the DAAD programme UAS.International..



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