International topics for international students

Foto: HS-Fulda (M. Huth)

Prof. Dunn from University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh talks about Supply Chain Risk Management and Sustainability

Students who are studying international business administration can expect
to learn about international topics. And a lecture becomes even more
international, when the lecturer comes from abroad.

Thus, the guest lecture given by Prof. Steve Dunn from University of
Wisconsin, Oshkosh was a best-practice example of internationalization of
study programs. Prof. Dunn, who is director of the Center for Sustainable
Enterprise at Oshkosh University, gave a stunning presentation on supply
chain management, on risks in logistics networks and on how sustainability
can be implemented in supply chains. The students were happy to have an
internationally experienced speaker in class and eagerly discussed various
topics with Prof. Dunn.

The connection between Prof. Dunn and host Prof. Dr. Michael Huth has been
established years ago as a consequence of the Hessen-Wisconsin-Program. “We
will continue our collaboration and will even extend it in the near future”,
Prof. Huth stated after the guest lecture.